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  1. Hey all! Come ask us whatever 😁 No question is off limits
  2. Hey y'all Come say, "Hi!"
  3. Well, for me, I finally started taking Norwegian language class. I have not been picking up the language naturally, so here we are, hahaha. And, immediately, I can feel that I've fallen into my old classroom patterns - for better and for worse, haha 😅😅
  4. WOOHHOOO Our first House Party with Black Wolf is THIS THURSDAY NIGHT 12am eastern/9pm pacific at twitch.tv/blackwolfelectric - be sure to join us there, too! Tonight, we have our final hangout of October. This month seemed to have flown by. What's something new/different you've done or experienced this month?
  5. Hey friends! Don't be shy - ask us anything. Or leave a comment. Or a compliment. Whatever you like :-)
  6. Join us on this most *lucky* of days 😆 Tuesday Night Hangout on the Thirteenth! Ask anything - what kinds of superstitions do you have?
  7. Join us for this week's hangout!! Ask us about anything!
  8. Heyo! Hang out with André and Bruce! Ask any question. To answer the first ones y'all have. Yes, we're both registered to vote! I have already cast my absentee ballot from Norway. I think Bruce is planning on voting at the polls
  9. Oh, in case you're wondering why it is a little quiet, we really want this to be an interactive space - as opposed to just the two of us talking at you some more. We'll respond to questions and comments, but won't necessarily initiate. Feel free to ask anything!
  10. Hey all - ask your questions and share your stories with Bruce and André
  11. Wondering where to start? -You can ask how André and Bruce met (fyi - we've never met in person!) -Some of our favorite episodes -How we are spending time in these quarantine days etc...
  12. Hey y'all! Make your account and come join us for this week's hangout. Ask us questions. Leave feedback. Sound off on something negative or positive going on in your life. Let's hang!
  13. Wondering where to start? You can ask about: All the places we lived Good and Bad dates we've been on Favorite desserts Influences and motivators we have for doing our podcast Anything else you can think of!
  14. Come hang out with @Andréand @Bruce - and our most recent guest, @Mikey Cmay even make an appearance!
  15. Not sure where to start? -Well, I love music; I play saxophone and sing tenor/countertenor. -I love geography and baking. -Oh! I'm living in Norway currently
  16. Come hang with André and Bruce - ask questions, leave comments, just chitchat.
  17. hehehehe - this is why these hangouts are more fun with listeners. They can correct us! Hahaha and share their own minute language knowledge. who knows, maybe one of our folks speaks five words of Irish or Hmong.
  18. Assuming I didn't say something wrong, haha
  19. Бруц ци ми друг! Бидим говорити без тебе. That should translate to "Bruce, you are my friend! I love talking with you."
  20. Speak is a loose term....I have studied and vaguely understand French, Danish, and Norwegian (French is still, by far, my best language). Also studied SerboCroatian, though I mostly only remember Cyrillic and random words and phrases, haha
  21. Can't remember, have you spent any time abroad at all?
  22. Studied abroad in Denmark my sophomore year of college - Spring 2007
  23. Feel free to ask whatever questions you like 🙂 Not sure where to start? Here are a few fast facts about me: I've lived in six states and am currently living abroad for the second time in my life I'm a PhD student who studies queer guys I started a pride festival in my Oklahoma town just last year In addition to this podcast, I have a blog about the Eurovision Song Contest
  24. Come hang with Bruce and André!
  25. Hey All! Ask your questions, give some comments - Hang Out!
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